Making ADR work like it was supposed to​...​​​

​Why use Arbitech for ADR?     Excellent Question…  

We specialize in adjudication of smaller claims and apply our subject matter expertise to cut through the smoke.  While some people suggest that subject matter expertise risks bias, we disagree.  We think it speeds the process, reduces costs, and goes right to the reason that ADR was originally implemented. 

What we will provide to your Early Neutral Evaluation or ADR:

  • Claim assessment to determine if it is worthwhile to pursue or defend
  • Building performance failure (structural, leaking, premature deterioration, and warranties),

  • Contract disputes (CCDC ADR, lien claims, and payments),
  • Construction and Delay claims (HOOH, unforeseen conditions, and interference), and
  • Professional negligence (practice compliance, contractual obligation, and regulatory obligations)

Arbitech can bring closure before you initiate a claim through mediation or arbitration long before the adversarial process becomes so rooted that emotions rather than evidence drive the resolution.