Assistance at Mediations

While some mediators suggest that having your expert attend can stymie settlement, we disagree.  In fact, our attendance at mediations has been the catalyst to more than a few settlements.  The right question at the right time, backed by subject matter expertise, can lift parties out of an entrenched position. 

Early Neutral Evaluation and Litigation Risk Consulting

Legal counsel engage Arbitech to evaluate the merits of a claim or defense. Our experts provide a confidential report on the technical strengths and weaknesses of the matter and tell it like it is.

Our analysis of legal resolution opportunities can help you resolve a claim before it becomes too costly to manage.  We can also assist in developing relevant questions for discoveries. This may lead to early settlement.

Cost and Delay Claims

Your claim deserves an accurate and defensible third-party valuation.  Valuations  are based on well-recognized published data balanced against the experience of our experts who have been involved in construction.

Complex building systems combined with work in occupied buildings can greatly affect costs but the valuation must be realistic.   Our valuation allowed this building deficiency claim to settle for about one-third of the alleged remedial work costs. 

Pavements and Foundations

Highways, parks, and buildings involve substantial earthworks.  Our assessments have settled claims dealing with soil compaction, pavement contracts, hydrogeology, and foundation settlement.  

Understanding of Unique Building Systems

Improper construction of proprietary building systems such as Insulated Concrete Forms systems can affect structural integrity and water resistance.  We have worked with owners, municipalities, and contractors to arrive at solutions to correct these defects while the law suit is held in abeyance.

Documentation Triage

Efficient Document Triage

Review of productions and claim documents for a claim can be a time consuming task.  Arbitech's method of document triage accelerates our review and selection of relevant materials. 

Arbitration and Adjudication

Our unique advantage is our combination of seasoned technical and legal expertise to resolve cliams.  Using subject matter expertise with a simplified civil procedure, we can greatly abbreviate the typical formal process, reduce anxiety of the parties, and keep the procedural costs to a minimum. 

Documentation Triage

Impact of Altering Use and Occupancy

When you add a new building on top of an existing building you are adding additional layers of complexity as well.  Added costs and complications create deficiency and performance claims.  Arbitech can help you assess which party caused what problem causing what costs. 

High Performance Roofs

High performance roofs require specialized technical knowledge to develop repairs to construction defects that fit the problem.  Sometimes a repair can be overly conservative and cost several multiples of the true cost to correct the defects.  Make sure that your repair strategy and actual damages align well with the claim.